Where to see Whales in Fremantle

Wondering where to see Whales in Fremantle when next in town? Well, they are not too far away and only a few moments away from the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour you will find yourself in Humpback Whale central during this time of year as mothers and their calves are enjoying their southern migration back towards Antarctica. The cheeky young calves were certainly very curious today as they approached our vessel to get a better look with mum “showing off” her calf by bringing him over and presenting him to us, how proud she must be! The young calves were enjoying the small clusters of seaweed floating around us today and demonstrated just how sensitive they are to their environment and what is in it. The calves would gently pick up the seaweed on their rostrum and try their best to get it to move onto their belly or pectoral fin by rolling around on the surface and enjoying the game.

Mothers and calves could be sighted all around as the tall, distinctive blows of the adults would propel 3-4  meters high in the perfect conditions today. Meeting a pod of two mums and two calves was special today as both little ones took great interest in each other and then the larger calf turned his attention towards us and along with mum swam a huge circle right around our vessel as they slowly investigated us and our propulsion. The curious mind of a Humpback Whale is always interested in their environment no matter what the age group! When wondering where to see Whales in Fremantle be sure to remember the months of September to December as we meet some of the most fascinating characters of our Whale population here in Western Australia, the marvellous Humpback.

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