Where to See Whales in Perth

Where to see Whales in Perth depends on the time of year you are visiting or wanting to join a tour. January to April observes the Bremer Bay Orca season while April to May we enjoy the company of enormous Blue Whales feeding in the Perth Canyon. Humpback Whales take over the coastline during the winter and spring with the best time to see them from Perth being September to November. The southern Humpback Whale migration is at its busiest during the spring months as over 45,000 Humpbacks make the long journey past the Perth coastline back towards Antarctica. A cloudy and calm morning welcomed us today as we made our way out into the sighting grounds and could see a commotion and white water just ahead. Four young Humpback Whales had come together for some social time.

One of the main surface activities we observed today was the ‘hammer’ which is when the whale brings its fluke up like a tail slap but then moves it sideways to crash down onto the surface, looking like a hammer. Completing the manoeuver over twenty times it certainly seemed to be the theme of the day for one of the individuals in particular. Spending the rest of our time with the four young whales it was great to hear their excited exhalations and further impressive hammers as they enjoyed their time together. Juveniles are still moving south in great numbers with this enthusiastic age group wonderful to spend time with during their visit. A huge breach erupted from one of the youngsters quickly followed by head lunging which was superb to watch unfold and the perfect way to complete yet another fantastic morning seeing Humpback Whales just off the Perth coastline.

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