Whitfords Ladies Probus Club

Thank you to the Whitfords Ladies Probus Club for a wonderful morning of Learning the Language of the Whales! The coastline of Western Australia is teeming with life and with so many species of cetaceans there is much to learn and discuss. The Orca of Bremer Bay never cease to amaze and it was wonderful to show the incredible sightings that unfolded this season including the survival story of Spero the Humpback Whale who fought valiantly over four hours to escape the Orca. The season then changes to our peaceful Blue Whales and their story of a slow but steady recovery off our coastline and the importance of their favourite Autumn feeding ground, the Perth Canyon.

During winter and spring our coastline then leaps to life with the incredible energy of the Humpback Whales as the largest population on the planet makes their journey to the northern calving grounds before returning back south again. Southern Right Whales and their previous calves also join in with this journey but needn’t travel so far north thanks to their impressive fat reserves which helps insulate them in the cooler waters further south. Always a joy to share our stories and footage with our Pod Members and thank you to the wonderful ladies from the Whitfords Ladies Probus Club for your warm welcome and company, it was a pleasure to meet you all❤️