Why Do Humpbacks Love Seaweed?

Why do Humpbacks love seaweed? Today we had a mother Humpback Whale and her young calf playing in the seaweed displaying how sensitive their skin and why the love seaweed. Tubercles are the unique looking golfball size bumps on the lower and upper jaws of the Humpbacks. Each tubercle contains and individual hair which is similar in appearance to the whiskers on your pet cat or dog. Sensitive to all that is in their environment these nodules are like mini computers and communicate to the Humpback Whales much about their environment around them. The sensation of seaweed floating along the whales skin is just like a seaweed facial and very enjoyable for the Humpbacks both big and small. Mother whale swam directly up to the floating clumps of seaweed and began to twist and roll playfully as her calf excitedly copied mum.

Mothers and calves grow a strong bond during their time together and we could see this bond today between these two lovely whales. Resting and socialising in the waters off Perth provide a perfect opportunity for these little family pods to continue building that bond. There was a large amount of seaweed around today which provided endless seaweed facials for mother and calf as they stretched out and enjoyed their Friday morning. Two other mothers and calves rested close by as they took the chance to catchup on some much needed sleep in preparation for the next stage of their journey. A lovely morning with these curious, playful whales as we got to know their unique characters and personalities.

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