Wild Orca Experience

Wild Orca Experience in the Southern Ocean amongst one of the worlds most pristine and abundant Orca feeding grounds as today we surged with beautiful Chalky. Our morning firstly began with Kidji and her family pod as Pilot Whales surged in behind them. Blade moved out as the mothers and calves continued on seeming to hold up and push back as the Pilot Whales diverted their attention away from the Orca. Regrouping the family spent some time moving together socially before a large oil slick just ahead captured their attention. Surging into the area they investigated and as we scanned the slick we could see that its size and scent indicated a probable Beaked Whale predation in the earlier hours of the morning. 

Perhaps it was not caused by Kidji and her family pod as the family finished having a good look and began moving back up to the east. The family worked hard back up to The Patch and once they arrived enjoyed some rest time. Amongst the foraging and travelling it is important for the Orca to also take some time to rest and relax, refreshing before their next foraging run. It was time for some fun though as the energy shifted and superstar Chalky began to move with the swell and surf his way towards the shelf. A sensational experience to have a ten thousand kilogram male Orca bow riding as Chalky made it look easy! Gliding underneath our feet before pushing out to surface as he sent white water flying. A beautiful big male he is and a very good surfer who reads the sets well, waiting for the right one to come through so he could move towards us like a torpedo before zipping past our feet. 

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