Wild Whale Watching in Western Australia

Wild Whale Watching in Western Australia was incredible today as we were surrounded by over 50 Humpback Whales with all pods joining in with the epic conversation unfolding. It was a breezy morning but with a bit of ruffled water we knew that should the Humpback Whales be looking to communicate it was set to be an interesting tour. Arriving in the sighting grounds we could clearly see that the number of whales from the previous day had grown again as a huge flood of southbound mothers and calves arrived excitedly in the waters off Perth. Communication amongst Humpback Whales often increases when you see pods converging or large numbers of pods within close proximity to each other. Scanning around us we could see that there was well of fifty Humpbacks within a few hundred meters of each other and someone had hit the go switch because the area erupted with the Language of the Whales.

It was incredible to watch as around the Steep Point every angle of the 360 degree view was filled with surface activity. It was a fantastic lesson in each unique behaviour as all were observed including breaching, pec slapping, tail slapping, head lunging, inverted fluke slapping and body lunging. Mother whales amazed us as they threw themselves into action and demonstrated perfect technique to encourage their calf to do exactly the same which they did with gusto! The pods joined together and mingled as others maintained distance to continue on with their surface language practice. Rain arrived which added an extra element to the dramatic morning as mothers and calves would breach and disappear through the rain, a rather unique and beautiful sight to see. It was only a short shower which quickly moved through as the sun came out to clear the clouds away as the fun continued. A full tour of action which continued on even after we started to depart the sighting grounds and wish these beautiful whales a safe and wonderful journey ahead. It was a most memorable day of wild whale watching in Western Australia.

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