Wild Whales of Western Australia

Wild Whales of Western Australia created a remarkable scene today as we found ourselves out where the two oceans meet with surface spectacular displays. During both our morning and afternoon tours we found the Humpback Whales enjoying their time moving past Cape Leeuwin and today they had very high energy as bachelor males challenged male escorts and the females flirted away with plenty of magnificent breaching and powerful pec slapping. It is always spectacular to watch such magnificent displays fo power and ability from such large, adult whales and during this time of the year we observe the behaviour being motivated by mating opportunities. The female Humpbacks will put on a big show for the males with plenty of breaching and pec slapping to attract their attention and encourage them to compete.

The males don’t need much convincing to compete and they will come from far and wide to find the female. Once found and she is happy with the number of males she has attracted the chase will start as the female leads the males on a relentless pursuit to see who can keep up with her. The boys push, shove and jostle for position closest to the female and this causes much white water to go flying. It was the wild whales of Western Australia this afternoon as the winds increased and so did the energy of the whales fittingly off the most southwestern point of Australia and what a beautiful spectacle it was to be part of and enjoy. The intensity of these competition pods and enthusiasm the whales show it exciting and exhilarating, although it is a competition we can see the whales are also enjoying the interaction. The males love the challenge and the females love to see which male can outsmart both mentally and physically the other males. A beautiful male Humpback Whale was also observed today who had the most stunning jet black fluke and belly, a very handsome boy who we are looking forward to adding into our catalogue and hope to meet again in the future.

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