Winter Whales Australia

Winter Whales Australia it was today with the rain clearing as we departed the Augusta Boat Harbour and made our way into the sighting grounds to begin our morning search for the Humpback Whales migrating through the bay. A blow just up ahead was our first sighting as two whales surfaced side by side swimming together. The light around us dispersed as it began to rain and a flash of lightning lit up the sky, an exciting moment to be with the whales and nature at is most electric. The whales were enjoying their time moving through the bay and the local Bottlenose Dolphins decided to join in on the fun as they raced towards the boat to say a quick hello before moving up to the Humpback Whales. The rain cleared again and now the energy went up to the next level as the whale we had been travelling with launched into surface activity with head lunge after head lunge exploding through the wintery conditions. The reason for the surface activity was a second pod just to our port side who had approached a bit too closely and this whale was not wanting the interaction from the visitors. Head lunging continued as he moved away from the other whales and then a beautiful roll completed with pec slapping finished the conversation.

Further pods were moving through the bay and it was a bachelor pod of three males who seemed focused on making their way towards the reef line. A strong storm front is expected over the next couple of days which will mean the whales will need to keep the momentum northbound to escape the wintery conditions and make their journey efficiently to warmer waters. It is always interesting to observe the focus Humpback Whales can have when it comes to moving forward at all times, nothing will slow the powerful urge they have to complete one of the worlds most incredible and truely epic migrations. The survival of the next generation is largely dependent on the calves being born in warmer waters to give them the very best start to life. Thankfully, these whales are dedicated and no matter the weather or challenges the focus to complete the migration is there one and only purpose right now and we are always grateful to spend some time in the company of such a remarkable species that is the Humpback Whale.

Another exciting moment this morning was just after lunch as the Bottlenose Dolphins joined with a big male Australian Sea Lion in the Augusta Boat Harbour to fish together. It seemed to be a successful union as the teamwork amongst both species corralled the fish for lunch, yum!

New Bottlenose Dolphin Calf Little Kez

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