Winter Wonderland

The Humpback Whales were moving fast to keep warm today as the large adult whales prepared to leave Flinders Bay and continue their northern migration. A couple of competition pods started to form within the bay as a few males travelling on their own tried their luck with impressing the female Humpbacks who were already travelling with a male escort, you can imagine the tail slapping that resulted when these bachelor males made their approach!


Now that we have arrived in July we are starting to see some large adult males and females visiting Augusta and being of a mature age these Humpback Whales are certainly not on their first migration north and know these familiar waters well. Learning the path of their migration originally from their mother they will spend those teenage years between 2-5 years of age not only practicing their Humpback behaviours but discovering the pathways they will travel over the many years of migrations along our coastline. Needless to say we love meeting everyone of these wise wild ocean wonderers