Wolves of the Sea

The Wolves of the Sea were hunting again in the Bremer Canyon as suddenly the entire pod began to surge, reaching speeds of 25+ kilometres  per hour as they porpoised as a team towards the prey they were hunting. A beautiful rainbow greeted us on our arrival at the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour and we were excited for what the day ahead would discover. Familiar faces from yesterdays interaction, B-Slice, Razor and Adina lead the way as an all grown up Nicki decided to approach us as we looked to our left and sighted a torpedo moving at top speed! The torpedo was in fact Nicki who made us all jump as her powerful exhalation alongside our vessel caught our attention and for the next twenty minutes she enjoyed some social time with us. Bow riding, porpoising and swimming only meters away below us she seemed to be having us much fun as we were! The hunt completed and big B-Slice seemed to shake his head a couple of times in a curious way as he appeared to be carrying something as the pod regrouped and continued in search of their next hunt. Wandering Albatross, an enormous Sunfish and a small Eagle Ray were sighted in the Bremer Canyon as they kept clear of the hunting Wolves of the Sea.

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