World of the Orca

Immersed in the world of the Orca today as gorgeous calf Samurai was back again for some fun while Kidji and her family pod relaxed into their day. It was a wonderful start to the morning as big boy Blade surfaced right on our bow and moved out towards the rest of his family pod. Kidji had all of her troops in a lovely line as they cruised out towards the west surfacing right alongside us and looking beautiful. It is always wonderful to see Orca families working together and the symmetry that they all have to surface in unison and dive in unison. It is important as the oxygen intake needs to be even amongst the family pod to ensure no one is left short of breath in the situation prey is found and they need to move quickly. Prey can also evade the Orca if some pod members are at the surface while others are below foraging, a solid Orca net is needed to secure the escape of any prey that is found.

Kidji and her family also took some time to rest today and would resurface only a few meters away each time as they enjoyed a quick siesta. The early afternoon meant it was time to begin foraging again and we thought this would be a good time to wish them well and see which other family pods were in The Patch. Cookie and El Notcho moved straight towards our bow as they were also settling into foraging mode. A visit from Shredder was welcomed warmly as a flash of black and white propelled itself towards the Steep Point. Samurai was back and in the mood for playtime! Straight towards us and being extremely cheeky, little Samurai was wiggling along each of our hulls and moving up towards the bow. The Craig-Pro was ready and waiting for little Samurai who beelined him for another closeup and showed off those darling little teeth. Such a gorgeous calf whose personality and confidence is booming and a wonderful reflection of the fantastic mother Shredder is along with her family pod. The world of the Orca is a remarkable place and we are fortunate to be invited each and everyday into their lives.

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