Humpback Named Masto

Meet a Humpback named Masto …

It takes determination, persistence and passion to succeed as a Humpback Whale and today we met a young calf who showed all of these qualities with overwhelming enthusiasm. For over two hours we witnessed the most extraordinary surface activity as this special little Humpback displayed a passion for the freedom he had to be a Humpback Whale. The energy from this calf was contagious and was an inspiration to everyone onboard, if we could sum up the spirit of the Humpback Whale in one individual it would be this guy! A special Humpback needs a special name and we knew straight away who this calf would be named in honour of… Chris Masten. 

One of the most passionate guests we have ever had onboard, Masto’s love for the whales and joy when with them was very special when he Joined the Pod this year on our Bremer Bay Orca tour with team mates Will Schofield & Jeremy McGovern. 

The way Chris Masten dedicated himself to the West Coast Eagles Football Club and his career was inspiring and just like the Humpback Whales, every time he stepped out on the field he did so with great determination, persistence and passion.

These qualities result in success and lead to inspiration for those around you. Meeting our Humpback named Masto, we watched as his passion for life and communicating the Language of the Whales caused all of the surrounding Humpback pods around us to start breaching and communicating too! Masto may only be 3-4 months old but he is already inspiring those around him through his passion and persistence. A bright future is ahead for our Humpback Masto and we are looking forward to re-sighting him in future seasons. Our biggest thank you and well wishes to Chris Masten, we wish you all the very best for the future ahead and know that it will be a successful journey for you as you apply that same determination, persistence and passion.

You will always be an Eagle and also Whale Watch WA Pod Member for Life!

Thanks Masto!

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