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Blue Whale in Flinders Bay

Blue Whale in Flinders Bay was an incredible surprise today as amongst the active Humpback Whales the most beautiful Blue Whale appeared. Our morning firstly

WA Day Whale Watching

WA Day Whale Watching in Augusta today as we enjoyed spectacular Humpback Whales as the northern migration begins to gain momentum. Thousands of whales will

Unique Whale Watching Experience

Unique Whale Watching experience can be enjoyed onboard our brand new vessel Whale Watch 1 with her inaugural season in Augusta providing incredible interactions already.

Swimming with The Whales

Swimming with the Whales and immersing ourselves into their world as today we enjoyed seeing Flinders Bay alive with dozens of Humpback Whales. It was

Breaching Humpback Whales

Breaching Humpback Whales took over Flinders Bay this morning as white water erupted around us with the Language of the Whales in full song. Our

Whale Watching in Flinders Bay

Whale Watching in Flinders Bay on the first day of winter as we joined with a quad pod of Humpback Whales on their migration journey.

Augusta Whales

Augusta Whales are starting to fill Flinders Bay as we wave goodbye to the last day of autumn and welcome the winter season ahead. Our

Western Australia Whale Watching

Western Australia Whale Watching with the Humpback Whales as we were spoilt this morning with picture perfect conditions and wonderful Humpbacks. A peaceful start to

Learn The Language of The Whales

Learn The Language of the Whales with Whale Watch Western Australia as we teach you the incredible life story of the Western Australian Humpback Whale.

Augusta Humpback Season 2022

Augusta Humpback Season 2022 begins today as we enjoyed meeting some of the first arrivals on their northbound journey. Moments after departing the Augusta Boat

Bye Bye Blue Whales

Bye Bye Blue Whales as today we completed our final tour for Blue Whale Season 2022 and now begin counting down the days until the

Intercontinental Blue Whale Travellers

Intercontinental Blue Whale Travellers who spend a lifetime visiting different oceans and living amongst different cultures in their epic lifetime journey. Every Blue Whale we

Blue Whale Tales

Blue Whale “tales” in the heart of the Perth Canyon as each Blue Whale we met today told us a little bit about their story.

Blue Whale Research

Blue Whale Research in the Perth Canyon as seven Blue Whales gathered to feast throughout the day on plentiful krill in the picture perfect conditions.

Perth Blue Whales

Perth Blue Whales are gathering in the Perth Canyon to feast on the abundant krill available as two giants of the deep emerged along with