First Competition Pod of 2020

First competition pod of 2020 enthralled our guests today as five enormous, healthy Humpbacks surged under our bow and the afternoon sky lit up with

Humpback Season 2020 Begins

Humpback Season 2020 begins today and what a fantastic way to celebrate the start of the season on a beautiful WA Day with our spectacular

Species Spotlight – Southern Right Whale

The Southern Right Whale populations were almost hunted to extinction long before many other species. A favourite amongst the whalers thanks to their enormous blubber

Species Spotlight – Humpback Whales

The Humpback Whale is world famous for their extraordinary surface activity and epic migrations undertaken every year for the survival of the next generation. Western

Species Spotlight – Ocean Sunfish

The ocean Sunfish is a fascinating creature who has captured the imagination of everyone who meets them with their unique appearance. Sunfish are known to be the

Species Spotlight – Striped Dolphin

The Striped Dolphin or Stenella coeruleoalba is a stunning dolphin species that often travel in enormous pods of 500+ individuals. Streamlined, elegant and beautifully patterned the Striped

Species Spotlight – Sperm Whale

This impressive mammal holds the record of the largest toothed predator on earth and the biggest brain of any animal extinct or living today! These are just two of the amazing and interesting facts of a whale species that has captured the imagination of generations of…

Blue Whale Season 2020

Blue Whale Season 2020 is underway as hundreds of the worlds largest creatures gracefully make their way towards the Perth Canyon to find a buffet

2020 Bremer Orca Season Finishes

The 2020 Bremer Orca Season finishes today and it was a very beautiful day to celebrate what has been a truely phenomenal season. Blue skies,

Live and Active Orca Feeding

Live and active Orca feeding was sighted in The Patch today as an enormous Orca spy hop greeted us shortly after our arrival. Firstly attracting

Bremer Killer Whales Forage

Bremer Killer Whales forage throughout today took them on a long distance marathon as they scanned kilometres of ocean in search of a meal. The

The Bremer Killer Whale Patch

The Bremer Killer Whale Patch was once again providing the wonderful opportunity to see Orca in the wild as within 15 minutes of arriving the

Sperm Whale and Orca Day

Sperm Whale and Orca day unfolded under sunny blue skies as EL Notcho and his family foraged as a large bull Sperm Whale surfaced only

Orcas Feeding on Continental Shelf

Orcas Feeding on the Continental Shelf was spectacular today as we observed breaching, fluke slapping and tail lobbing all around us. Our morning firstly began

Killer Whale Mega Pod

Killer Whale Mega Pod today as within moments of arriving we were surrounded by four different families all travelling together creating a mega pod of


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