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Humpback Whale Fingerprints

Humpback Whale fingerprints are unique to each individual as we study the underside of every fluke to identify each whale we meet. Today was simply

Perth’s Best Whale Watching

Fremantle Perth’s best whale watching was enjoyed today onboard both our Fremantle and Hillarys departures as the Language of the Whales lit up our day.

Rottnest Island Whales

Rottnest Island Whales it was this morning as Humpback mothers and calves stretched out and enjoyed a morning of fun in the waters just off

Hillarys Humpbacks

Fremantle Hillarys Humpbacks were frolicking in the waters off Perth today as sunshine, a beautiful warm breeze and playful Humpback calves indicated summer is just

Whales off Perth Coast

Whales off Perth coast continue to enjoy their time in the resting grounds as mother Humpback Whales and calves enjoyed the perfect morning conditions today.

Humpback Nursery Grounds

Humpback nursery grounds can be found just off the Perth coastline during October to November as mother Humpback Whales find the perfect place to rest

Perth Humpback Whale Resting Grounds

Fremantle Perth Humpback Whale resting grounds are a vital component of a successful migration as they visit to rest, relax and have fun in the

Humpback Whales of Western Australia

Fremantle Humpback Whales of Western Australia are currently southbound as thousands of mothers and their calves make an incredible journey back towards Antarctica. The morning

Hillarys Inaugural Whale Watch Tour

Hillarys Tour Hillarys Inaugural Whale Watch tour was celebrated today as Whale Watch 1 welcomed Pod Members for the very first time. Departing the Hillarys

Fremantle Whale Watching

Fremantle Whale Watching during October is a perfect time to meet this seasons adorable Humpback Whale calves as today we met two beautiful little families.

Breaching Humpback Calves

Breaching Humpback calves were jumping for joy as they socialised together in the morning sunshine with spectacular full body breaching. It was a beautiful day

Whale Watching in Perth

Whale Watching in Perth during the school holidays is a fantastic time to meet some of the newest members of the Western Australian Humpback Whale

Why Whales Pec Slap

Why Whales Pec Slap is an important Language of the Whales to learn and today we had a perfect example demonstrating one of the reasons

Tale of a Whale

Tale of a Whale is a story every Humpback will share as their tail is the equivalent of a fingerprint with every pattern, scar and

Why Do Whales Seek Sound Footprint?

Why do Whales seek sound footprint? Today was a perfect example as to why Humpback Whales seek a sound footprint. During their migrations Humpbacks must