A Curious Killer Whale

A curious Killer Whale approached us today with her family and this cutie is a very special Orca as she is not yet catalogued which

Bremer Canyon Wildlife Expedition

Bremer Canyon Wildlife Expedition today as we travelled to the Patch in search of our Orca Pod’s after yesterday’s exhausting Blue Whale hunt. It was

Bremer Orca Hunt Blue Whale

Bremer Orca Hunt Blue Whale today as this phenomenal event took place and we were privileged to be witness from the moment of the Orca

Consecutive Orca Kills

Consecutive Orca kills unfolded today as within one hour the Orca had completed two kills in record time as the hunts unfolded with speed and

A Calf Named Charlie

A calf named Charlie is the newest member of the Bremer Bay Orca population and today we had the opportunity of spending time with this

Killers Take Another Beaked Whale

Killers take another Beaked Whale as they surged to the west after an explosion of white water took place up ahead and the hunt unfolded.

Bremer Bay Orca Strike Again

Bremer Bay Orca strike again as the low rumble of thunder and lighting accentuated the dramatic morning as shortly after arriving in The Patch the

Killer Whale Watch Western Australia

Killer Whale Watch Western Australia as the successful hunt of a Strap-toothed Beaked Whale took place with over fifty Orca involved in the dramatic event.

Iconic Day in Bremer Bay

Marine Scientist Josh Parker Iconic day in Bremer Bay as the Southern Ocean displayed its power as we headed out past Point Henry Peninsula, sky

Orcas In The Mist

Orcas in the mist on an Autumn day in Bremer Bay as four family pods mingled in The Patch. After such a long journey to

Bremer Canyon Killer Whale

Bremer Canyon Killer Whale on a superbly calm day in the Southern Ocean as we were surrounded by Killer Whales on our journey towards the

Bremer Canyon Pilot Whales

Bremer Canyon Pilot Whales were found today in the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean as they foraged for squid in the depths below. Our

Marine Sawdust Trichodesmium

Marine Scientist Josh Parker Marine Sawdust Trichodesmium – On some tours, as we venture only 19 nautical miles from Bremer Bay to a unique and

Are Killer Whales Dolphins?

Are Killer Whales Dolphins? Yes, the largest dolphin in the world is the Killer Whale (Orca) and today we met magnificent male B-Slice who spent