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Trophic Cascade of the Bremer Bay Orca
Bremer Bay Killer Whales Foraging
Humpbacks Feeding in Flinders Bay
Cape Leeuwin Breaching Cape Leeuwin breaching Humpbacks where in full force today with some magnificent Whale Watch action on this mornings tour as Humpbacks breached on the bow.
Whale Watching in Margaret River A grapefruit sized eye was peering back at us this morning with deep curiosity as a young Humpback Whale looked up at us a few meters away from the bow.
Mum.... 'Look At Me!' Anyone who has young Children in their lives may be aware of the term mum.. mum.. mum.. mum.. look at me! Exactly our thoughts today as this young calf decided to breach only a few meters away from our bow and almost land directly on top of her mum Hello Breaching After a few days of bad weather and quiet activity two big Humpback whales greeted us today like long lost friends! Approaching our bow and circling around the vessel a few times saying hello to everyone before moving towards the Busselton Jetty. Once they approached w... 40+ Humpbacks in the Bay! Wow Weeee! After a few days of wild weather it was fantastic to be back out with our Humpback whales and my goodness...we lost count! On our morning tour we had a fantastic time watching a pod of four compete against one another, trying to impress the lovely female Hum... In the News Weekend Notes blogger Sue Lynn visited us last year and made some great comments. You can see the article here