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Current Research Onboard

The Fat Whales Project is an exciting opportunity to further our understanding of the migration story of Western Australia’s Humpback Whales, Southern Right Whales and Blue Whales. Focusing in on the body condition of these species and how that may affect the timing of their migration can be achieved by the use of drone imagery. During our daily tours you can be part of this research as drone pilot Grace Russell and her team Join The Pod this season to continue their research onboard Whale Watch Western Australia.

Why Do Pilot Whales Strand

Why Do Pilot Whales Strand?

The stranding event that took place at Cheynes Beach in Western Australia this week of nearly one hundred Pilot Whales has left many wondering why

Whale Callosities

The Right Whales have a unique appearance unlike any other cetacean with strange, hard patches of skin on their upper and lower jaw known as

Orca Talk

ChrisMarine Scientist Read More It’s no secret that orca are highly intelligent and social animals. This is something they flaunt openly to anyone who takes

How Long Do Whales Live For?

How long do Whales live for? A great question and the answer is all dependant on the species. Whales and dolphins live for long periods

Australian Humpback Whale Migration

Australian Humpback Whale migration can be seen every year during our winter and spring from late May through to early December. Humpback Whales feed during

How Do Humpback Whales Sleep?

How do Humpback Whales sleep? It is important for whales to sleep but this can be challenging in the marine environment they live in and

How To Identify Humpback Whales

How To Identify Humpback Whales

How to identify Humpback Whales is all in the detail with the underside of every fluke just like a human fingerprint. Thousands of Humpback Whales

What Do Humpback Whales Eat?

What Do Humpback Whales Eat? The population of Humpback Whales found in Australian waters have a love of Antarctic Krill Euphausia superba which is of course

The Anatomy of a Blue Whale

The largest creature to have ever lived on our planet has the most extraordinary anatomy one could imagine. Every structure is mammoth and designed for

History of the Bremer Orca

The history of the Bremer Orca traces them back through the region and history books for many years. Tragically back in 1979, 13 Killer Whales

Orca Sighted off Perth!

Exciting report from observant local Cory Nyman who along with his mate Liam Andela sighted a pod of over 20 Orca just 20km off the

Humpback Survives Killer Whale Attack

Humpback survives Killer Whale attack | Today we met an incredible Humpback who has survived a Killer Whale attack during the northern migration. Approaching a

Tail Sailing Humpback Whale Watch Western Australia©

Humpback Whale Tail Sailing

It was all about the tail today and this afternoon we had the opportunity to witness Humpback Whale tail sailing behaviour.