Blue Whale Australia

Blue Whale Australia sightings are incredibly special for this elusive species and today our hearts skipped a beat as the largest creature on our planet

Humpback Bachelor Pod

The Humpback Bachelor Pod is full of power, energy and on many occasions fun! Today we firstly enjoyed the company of three pods who had

The Call of the Whale

The call of the whale can take many forms, today’s example saw mothers teaching their calves the Language of the Whales™ in spectacular fashion. Big

Hillarys Whales

Hillarys Whales on a picture perfect day as we found ourselves surrounded by Humpbacks with a powerful pod of eight welcoming us into their pod.

How To Whale Watch

How to Whale Watch in the waters off Perth is all about understanding the Language of the Whales™, respecting their reactionary distance and matching energy.

Rottnest Island Whale

Rottnest Island Whale Watching with a magnificent pod of young adults who spent over an hour performing the most beautiful surface display as they communicated

Whale Watching Safety Perth, Western Australia

Whale Watching Safety Perth, Western Australia is largely dependant upon the operators you choose and their applied disciplines that create a safe and secure environment

Bachelor Male Humpback Behaviour

Bachelor male Humpback behaviour was on perfect display today as we sighted boisterous males breaching, tail lobbing and competing in the waters off Rottnest Island.

Rottnest Dolphins Join the Pod

Rottnest Dolphins Joined the Pod on today’s tour as we travelled very gently along the Hillary’s coastline with an escort pod consisting of male escort,

Where to see the best Whale Watch?

Where to see the best Whale Watch in Fremantle was just off the coastline today as we had a very exciting competition pod encircle our

Long Weekend Whale Watching

The long weekend whale watching has been a wonderful few days of magnificent sightings so far and on both our morning and afternoon tours today

Perth School Holiday Whale Watch

Perth School Holiday Whale Watch kicked off this weekend with spectacular breaching, tail slapping and pec slapping lighting up the coastline off Perth. Our morning

Rottnest Island Whales

Rottnest Island Whales surrounded the famous island today as we witnessed breaching and pec slapping amongst the conversations that unfolded around us. Our first sighting

Whales Perth

Whales off Perth on a beautiful sunny day in Western Australia as we found ourselves surrounded by excited Humpback Whales and the first southbound mother