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What are Whale Lice?

Whale Lice are a tiny external parasite known as Cyamus boopis that live exclusively on Humpback Whales. Naturally we tend to find many little C.boopis

Perth Whale Watching 2021

Perth Whale Watching 2021 season has begun and it was a very warm welcome from the social, curious and relaxed Humpback Whales we met today

Last Augusta Tour for Season 2021

The last Augusta tour for Season 2021 unfolded today as beautiful sunshine and friendly Humpback Whales made for a memorable tour after another wonderful Augusta

Tokyo Olympics 2020

Thank you to the people of Japan for courageously hosting the Olympics, the land of the rising sun brought the light of hope and inspiration

Augusta Southern Right Whales

Augusta Southern Right Whales arrive during the winter months and today we watched on as two newborns enjoyed playtime together in the nursery grounds. The

Flinders Bay Whale Nursery Grounds

Flinders Bay Whale nursery grounds are a very important part of the migration for the Humpback and Southern Right Whales of Western Australia. Today we

Whale Watching off Cape Leeuwin

Whale watching off Cape Leeuwin today as we were greeted by a clear crisp morning heading out into Flinders Bay on the look out for

Cetacean Communication

Cetacean communication unfolded today as the Language of the Whales was flowing freely amongst pods on a picture perfect winters morning. Our first interaction was

Augusta Humpback Final Days

Augusta Humpback Final Days are fast approaching as we come to the closing stages of the northern Humpback Whale migration. A beautiful morning greeted us as

Whale Season Changing

The Whale season is changing in Augusta as the energy of the northern Humpback Whale migration begins to settle earlier than expected for Season 2021.

Cape Leeuwin Winter Whales

Cape Leeuwin Winter Whales today as a competition pod electrified the cape as the males surged after her and the female breached to encourage their

Newborn Humpback Calf

Newborn Humpback calf who was only hours old was lifted to the surface as the little ones protective mother welcomed her new baby to the

Whale Calves in Flinders Bay

Whale calves in Flinders Bay today as we fell in love with two beautiful newborns from two different species of baleen whale. A Southern Right

Humpback Whales Meet in Augusta

Humpback Whales meet in Augusta every day during the winter months as this afternoon three seperate pods made the most of the easing weather conditions.

Humpbacks Northern Migration 2021

Humpbacks northern migration 2021 is in full swing as today an incredibly intense competition pod roared through the bay and our afternoon was spent in