How Do Orca Dorsal Fins Grow?

How Do Orca Dorsal Fins Grow? The powerful and distinctive dorsal fin of each Orca is made not of bone but the structural protein known

Bremer Bay Orca Hunt Minke Whale

Bremer Bay Orca hunt Minke Whale for the first time ever recorded in the Bremer Bay Orca population. Our morning began shortly after arriving in

Moments with Orca Calf Milli

Moments with Orca calf Milli in Bremer Bay were very special today as tiny calf Milli spent her time socialising and playing with her pod

Southern Ocean Killer Whales

Southern Ocean Killer Whales were exhilarating today as hundreds of seabirds soared amongst the surging, breaching and playful Killer Whales. A cool breeze and covering

Our Matriarch Wobbles

Our Matriarch Wobbles is an inspiration to our family pod so when it came time to name a beautiful female Orca we knew that Wobbles

The Divine Orca

The Divine Orca of the Bremer Bay population is the wonderful Chrissy who to our guests delight came into the vessel time and time again,

Orca Eating in the Bremer Canyon Patch

Orca Eating in the Bremer Canyon Patch on a beautiful summers day as we were surrounded by hundreds of seabirds as the Orca feasted under

Orca Canyon Hunters

Orca Canyon Hunters were covert, discreet and in total camouflage today as we approached The Patch. The slightest of glints from the sun revealed their

Toddy’s Pod

Toddy’s Pod was sighted on a beautiful morning as we enjoyed the company of these special Orca as they made their way along well worn

Australian Made Orca

Australian Made Orca celebrated on Australia Day 2021 as we were welcomed into the pod and had the most extraordinary experience we will treasure forever.


OH  MY  ORCA! A truely remarkable day as the Orca lit up the Southern Ocean with incredible breaching, tail slapping and social behaviour before we

Bremer Canyon Sperm Whales Breaching

Bremer Canyon Sperm Whales breaching on a magnificent afternoon unfolded right next to us today during an incredible interaction as sightings of seven Sunfish added

Can Orca Recognise You?

Can Orca recognise you? During our time with the Orca of Bremer Bay we enjoy many close encounters and just as we recognise those familiar

Killer Whale Watching

Killer Whale Watching was spectacular today as we met with two wise matriarchs and their family pods who spent the entire day socialising with us