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Stalk A Orca

Stalk a Orca as the stealthy apex predators of Bremer Bay showed off their elite stalking skillset with multiple feasts on squid today. Queen and

Orca Hunt Dwarf Sperm Whale

Orca hunt Dwarf Sperm Whale for the first time ever recorded in Bremer Bay. An incredible moment to observe and document for our research team

Queen of the Canyon

Queen of the Canyon and the master of The Patch as one of our most treasured matriarchs of the Bremer Bay Orca population came marching

Killers On The Storm

Killers on the storm surged amongst the thunder and lightning peaking at a top speed of fifty kilometres per hour! It was an exhilarating start

Western Australian Pilot Whales

Western Australian Pilot Whales can be found in the waters off Bremer Bay and today we spent time with these most charismatic, charming characters. Family

Bremer Bay Daycare

Bremer Bay Daycare kept us busy today as the calves from three family pods were left to play and learn while elder pod members watched

Killers Learning The Hunt

Killers learning The Hunt today as the next generation practiced all the tactics they will need to take down larger prey. The morning started with

Bremer Bay False Killer Whales

Bremer Bay False Killer Whales were a surprise first sighting today shortly after departing the boat harbour before Orca and Pilot Whales completed our perfectly

Bremer Killer Whales Feeding in The Patch

Bremer Killer Whales feeding in The Patch today as multiple family pods returned to their favourite fridge in the Southern Ocean. Moments after arriving off

Building the Family Pods

Building the family pods in the Bremer Bay Orca population is part of our daily research onboard. Studying the area and documenting the species we

Southern Ocean Aquarium

It was a Southern Ocean aquarium today, the only marine mammal aquariums we should have on this planet are the wild ones. Our morning started

Bremer Canyon Sperm Whales

Bremer Canyon Sperm Whales took over The Patch today as we enjoyed meeting six different Sperm Whales and their incredible flukes. It was a calm

Australian Killer Whales

Australian Killer Whales are incredible to observe in the wild as today we enjoyed the company of famous matriarch Queen and her family pod. Greeting

We Stand with Ukraine

Today was an incredible day with the Orca of Bremer Bay who erupted in breaching and determined energy as they surged to the west. The

Bremer Orca Generation

Bremer Orca generation is an exciting time in Queen’s family pod as five youngsters are ready to start learning the ways of the family as