Why Do Humpbacks Migrate North?

Why do Humpbacks migrate north? A question that has a very important answer for the Western Australia Humpback Whale population, they travel north for the

Breaching on the Humpback Highway

Breaching on the Humpback Highway as the first day of August sighted the Humpbacks moving north and communicating The Language of the Whales today in

Humpbacks Feeding in Flinders Bay

Humpbacks Feeding in Flinders Bay, it’s not everyday that you have the opportunity to witness feeding Humpbacks in Western Australia and this afternoon it happened!

Whale Watch Eco Tours

Whale Watch eco tours in Flinders Bay are always an enjoyable way to spend ones morning as today we enjoyed the company of relaxed Humpback

Humpbacks and Dolphins Play in Augusta

Humpbacks and Dolphins play in Augusta this morning as shortly after departing the Augusta Boat Harbour the distinctive dorsal fins of the local Bottlenose Dolphins

Escort Pod Highway

Escort Pod highway unfolded throughout the day as beautiful weather and focused whales moved around Cape Leeuwin and the local Bottlenose Dolphins enjoyed a morning

Humpback and Southern Right Whales

Humpback and Southern Right Whales in Flinders Bay as our morning was spent with curious Humpback escort pods and a young Southern Right Whale surprised

Whale Watch Where Two Oceans Meet

Whale Watch where two oceans meet off the coastline of Augusta as the beautiful morning guided us out to the Humpback Highway where the whales

Humpbacks Breaching in Flinders Bay

Humpbacks Breaching in Flinders Bay as sunshine threw a glow over the pristine blue waters and our Humpback Whales broke the silence with enormous plumes

Language Of The Whales

The Language Of The Whales was on display today with both our morning and afternoon tours witnessing acrobatic conversations amongst the whales with tail lobs,

Southern Right Whales Augusta

Southern Right Whales Augusta stole the show this afternoon as we had a perfect opportunity to sight two species in one day with both our

Augusta Winter Whale Watch

Augusta winter whale watch in Flinders Bay as we switched into cruise control with a female travelling in migration mode and a protective male initiating

Whale Watch Cape Leeuwin

Whale Watch Cape Leeuwin it was today as on both our morning and afternoon tour our beautiful mother and calf pod was sighted along with

Humpback Bachelor Pod

A Humpback bachelor pod is a unique experience to be involved with and this afternoon we hung out with the boys as five males surrounded

Humpback Whales Double Breaching

Humpback Whales double breaching is a truly spectacular moment in time and this afternoon two enormous adults launched skywards! Our morning firstly began with a


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